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Microbiome Industry Outlook

European funding strategies for impact and societal benefit Dr Dirk Hadrich, Policy and Programme officer, European Commission, Belgium Healthy Lives, Personalised Medicine, Human Microbiome Abstract EU has already funded more than 200 projects for more than € 500 M to promote Microbiome research and to advance our knowledge on microbes. MetaHIT as one of the first projects had a catalysing ...
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The Future of Microbiome Research

LITA PROCTOR Presentation Title Challenges and Priorities for the Next 10 years of Human Microbiome Research Abstract The human microbiome field has seen tremendous investment and growth, especially in the last 10-20 years. For example, the US National Institutes of Health invested $215M over 2007-2016 in the Human Microbiome Project to develop the research toolbox for this field with an ...
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Microbiome/Drug Interactions Abstracts

MICHAEL ZIMMERMANN Presentation Title Identifying Gut Microbiome Contributions to Drug Metabolism Abstract Individuals vary widely in their drug responses, which can be dangerous and expensive due to significant treatment delays and adverse effects. Growing evidence implicates the gut microbiome in this variability, however the molecular mechanisms remain mostly unknown. Using antiviral nucleoside analogues and clonazepam as examples, we recently reported ...
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The Microbiome in Women’s Health & Fertility

GREGORY BUCK Presentation Title The Vaginal Microbiome, Women's Health, and Pregnancy Abstract The microbiota of the the female reproductive tract are believed to have a significant impact on women’s reproductive health and pregnancy, including risk of preterm birth (PTB). Bacterial Vaginosis affects approximately 1 of 3 women, and a complex microbiome is associated with higher risk of infection by and ...
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Microbiome & Neurological Disorders

THOMAS TOMPKINS Presentation Title Impact of a Psychobiotic Composition on Mood, Behaviour and the Gut-brain Axis: What have we Learned from 15 years of Clinical Intervention? Abstract While the concept is quite old, dating back to the early 20 th century, the controlled application of microbes to behaviour modification is a relatively new field having less than 20 years of ...
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Understanding Microbiome/ Host Interactions

GEORG GERBER Presentation Title Bacteriophages Dynamically Modulate the Gut Microbiota and Metabolome Abstract  The human gut microbiome is comprised of densely colonizing micro-organisms in dynamic interaction with each other and the host. While the bacterial component of the microbiome is under intense investigation, far less is known about how bacteriophages impact bacterial communities in the gut. We investigated the dynamic ...
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The PRI is a European association dedicated to helping its members conceive, develop, produce and market medicines and therapies based on the Human Microbiome. Its unique collaborative approach supports the registration of Microbiotic Medicinal Products at the European level.

New industries require new insight – the PRI is your trusted partner for MMPs in Europe.

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