Pharmabiotics 2020 Young Investigators Awards

€10,000 Award for Young Microbiome Researchers

The Pharmabiotics Young Investigator Awards is a co-initiative between Institut Merieux and the Pharmabiotic Research Institute in which an award of €10,000 is granted to a young clinician or academic working within the field of Microbiotic Medicinal Products. Read the 2018 report here.

Application Criteria

  • Only applications representing recent original research related to the influence of microbiota to health, as well as research on analytical tools, therapeutic potential, on mechanisms and on pre-clinical and clinical efficacy in the treatment or prevention of microbiota-related pathologies are accepted.
  • Applicants should have less than 15 years of clinical practice experience or less than 10 years of working experience in the related field after their postgraduate qualification.
  • Applicants should serve in a hospital or in a relevant academic/research institution on a full time basis and currently doing research or planning future research within the field.

Application Form